Vision of Worship

Association for Reformed & Liturgical Worship

As members of the Association for Reformed & Liturgical Worship,

we envision worship that:
is the work of the people of God gathered in assembly,
and is thus communal in outlook
even when used as personal devotion;
finds expression in cultural context,
but is never bound to or limited by cultural claims;
manifests the love, peace, mercy, generosity, and justice of God
by being invitational and welcoming,
inclusive and participatory;
demonstrates the startling truth of the Reign of God,
and thereby offers a vision
that scrutinizes worldly values and human societies;
enunciates the reality of God’s glory and goodness
and therefore avoids whatever is artificial and contrived;
holds up the primary symbols of our faith
so that they can be seen clearly
and can communicate profoundly;
is ordered around the central sacred activities of word, bath, and meal,
in which God’s grace is proclaimed
and our identity is bestowed
and our unity is manifest;
utilizes speech and silence,
music and gesture,
stillness and movement,
time and architecture,
to point to that which is invisible, transcendent, and beyond human definition;
takes seriously both human perplexity and the Christian hope
by transforming the common and the temporal
into lenses of the holy and the eternal;
and prompts us, through the fresh work of the Holy Spirit,
to serve others,
whatever their status or condition,
as Christ has lovingly and compassionately served us.